Sheet Pile Installation and rentals

We can shore up deep excavations and back fill when the work is done.

Concrete REMOVAL

We have various concrete breakers for removing old foundations and concrete pads.  We have the right equipment to service your needs.

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Backfilling / grading and leveling

We have 3 compact track loader in our fleet, the smallest is just 4 feet wide.  We have the right equipment to handle all the jobs.

low bedding services

We have two triple axle trailers.  We can move customers’ equipment anywhere it needs to go.  There is no need for the customer to meet the load as our operators lowbedding the equipment are experienced, reliable and professional.


With our own hydro-vac truck for excavation around gas and power lines, we can accommodate all soft dig applications.


We have 3 large wheel loaders, 4 skid steer loaders and plow trucks which enable us to quickly and efficiently clean and remove snow from any size parking lot or driveway.


From a small house to a large warehouse we can remove any structure the client requires.

Sewer & Water

Licensed sewer and Water contractors for the City of Winnipeg, the RM of Springfield, East St. Paul and Elie.  We provide all types services big or small.


Tandem trucks and semi trailers for mud, snow, gravel, concrete and garbage hauling.  Our high volume gravel purchases allows us to pass the savings on to our customers.

Custom Excavating

Basements, swimming pools, ditching, ponds and more.  We operate 5 different size excavators from small 4 tonne mini excavators to large 20 tonne machines.

What We Do