In the spring of 1995, owner and founder of WWF Construction, Bill Fecio, took a job during the April to September break from his classes at the University of Manitoba with a foundation repair contractor.  Bill’s farming background taught him dedication, responsibility and a strong work ethic. As a result, he learned and excelled at his summer job within two months.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the contractor who hired Bill was unable to fulfill his obligations to the employing company.  As the company was very impressed with Bill’s excellent work, he was approached to manage a crew and oversee the contract to completion.  Bill accepted the challenge and succeeded in completing the job on time and to complete satisfaction of the company.  Within two years, Bill’s newly formed contracting company, WWF Construction (WWF stands for William Warren Fecio) became the largest subcontractor working for that particular foundation repair company.  Since that time, WWF Construction has grown and expanded into several other areas including basement and swimming pool excavation, demolition of houses and commercial buildings, sewer and water, grading, levelling, snow removal and trucking.  WWF Construction prides itself on jobs well done for their valued customers. Bill holds a Bachelor of Arts advanced Degree from the U. of M. specializing in Business Management. 

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